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Is Fenty Foundation Waterproof?

Is Fenty Foundation Waterproof?

Since their introduction into the market, Fenty foundation makeup products have been increasing in glory each day. Besides their wide range of shades, Fenty’s foundations are highly loved due to their ease of application, availability, blendability, and longer wear time. Many people are, however, concerned about the ability of these foundations to withstand different environmental factors. This is why this article seeks to answer whether Fenty foundations are waterproof. 

What Is the Meaning of a Waterproof Foundation?

Waterproof foundation simply means formulas designed to resist moisture and stay in place when exposed to any form of humidity. These foundations contain special adhesive properties that enable them to stick to your face amidst high degrees of moisture. With such foundations, you can enjoy your day-to-day activities such as swimming, running in the rain, sweating, or even crying. 

Most water-based foundations contain different adhesive properties such as acrylates, polymers, Dimethicone, waxes, and silicone that help them resist moisture and stay in place all day long. Different waterproof foundations have varying degrees of water withstand ability. As such, you must always read through the product’s label to identify to what degree of moisture exposure your given foundation is able to withstand and act accordingly. If you, for instance, notice your foundation is only able to withstand sweat, and teary eyes, don’t try to go swimming with such a product on, as it will fall off. 

Waterproof foundations are occlusive, forming a barrier on your face that doesn’t allow moisture to penetrate. To remove these types of foundations, you must use an oil-based cleanser and plump your face accordingly. 

Benefits of Waterproof Foundations

They Have Long Staying Power

A waterproof foundation is the most suitable makeup for busy persons who do not have the time to do touch-ups throughout the day. These foundations contain adhesive properties that enable them to stick to your skin and prevent smudging. 

You Can Wear Them Anywhere and Anytime

One primary advantage of waterproof foundations is that they can be worn anywhere and anytime. With these types of makeup products, you do not have to worry about the sun being too sunny or the wind being very strong. Waterproof foundations are specially formulated to withstand different forms of environmental pressures such as rain, humidity, and wind. Therefore, if you are an outdoor person and desire to look good as you go on with your business, settle on a waterproof foundation.

Waterproof foundations are also a perfect choice for times when the weather seems unpredictable. Wearing such makeup will put you on the safe side should the weather change unannounced as you run your errands outdoors. 

Is Fenty Foundation Waterproof?

Rihanna offers two major types of foundations, the pro filtr’s soft matte long-wear foundation and the pro filtr’s hydrating Longwear foundation. These two makeup products are available in over 50 shades. All the Fenty beauty foundations contain climate-adaptive technology that’s able to carry your skin through all weather conditions. The fact that these foundations can withstand different environmental factors makes them waterproof. These makeup products are, for instance, sweat and humidity-resistant. 

With the waterproof foundations from Fenty beauty, you can comfortably carry out your outdoor errands without having to worry about rain and other environmental factors that would otherwise damage a non-waterproof product. 

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How to Apply Fenty Beauty’s Waterproof Foundations

Incorporating the following tips in your skincare routine will help you achieve the best results from your waterproof Fenty beauty foundation;

Choose the Right Foundation for Your Skin Tone 

The first secret to getting the best from your waterproof foundation is to ensure you use the right product. Fenty’s foundations are available in a wide range of shades, and each works for different skin types and tones. You, therefore, must ensure to work with the right product for your given skin tone in order to reap the best. 

Prep Your Face before Applying the Waterproof Foundation

Besides choosing the right foundation, preparing your face beforehand is vital in ensuring your makeup has a smooth skin surface to layer. Such activity results in an even skin tone that can last all day long. 

Set Your Makeup with a Setting Powder

Although Fenty’s foundations contain a climate-adaptive technology that enables them to adhere to different weather conditions, setting them up with a spray powder will help prolong their wear time and look. To reap the best from your spray powder, ensure to apply it immediately after you’ve applied your foundation. 

How to Remove Fenty’s Waterproof Foundations

Now that we have understood how to apply Fenty’s waterproof foundations, it’s essential we get a glimpse of how to remove them. One thing you must understand with waterproof foundations is that they contain adhesive properties that help them stick to your skin. To remove these adhesives, you must use oil-based cleansers and rinse them off thoroughly thereafter. 

Failing to take off all the oil-based cleansers from your face will result in breakouts and other unwanted repercussions. 


If you have any doubts concerning the composition of the Fenty foundation, you now have the answer. Fenty’s foundations are waterproof and will serve you best in those daring weather conditions that you feel uncomfortable exposing your makeup to. These makeup products are climate-adaptive technology that enables them to withstand all weather conditions. 

If you, therefore, have an upcoming outdoor event and are worried about the suitability of Fenty’s foundations, rest easy, as these makeup products do serve their promise.