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Is Fenty Foundation Good for Dry Skin?

Is Fenty Foundation Good for Dry Skin?

Rihanna’s iconic cosmetic baby, Fenty Beauty, was created to cater to women of all races, shades, and cultures. This cosmetic line promises inclusivity on the skin spectrum, including different skin types. 

When buying any makeup, you always want to find products according to your skin type, and from hydrating formulas to matte finishes, Fenty offers a whole range of foundations to choose from. So, whether you’ve got oily or dry skin, Fenty Beauty has covered you, literally. 

Let’s dive in and see if there’s a Fenty foundation for dry skin. 

First and foremost, do you know if you’ve got dry skin? Knowing your skin type should be the foundation of any skin-related treatment or application. This allows you to understand the products that will work well for you, and ultimately, you’ll know what won’t work and will damage your skin. 

Understanding Dry Skin

Dry skin is a completely normal thing. For some people, it occurs naturally; for others, it is caused by external factors. Dry skin often feels tight and rough because it doesn’t retain the moisture it needs to not be dry. 

Dry skin, dermatologically speaking, is said to be caused by a lack of sebum, an oily substance made in the skin. Sebum is what naturally moisturizes your skin, and when there’s not enough being produced in your body, it results in dry skin. 

Do you exfoliate often? Although exfoliation is an important part of skincare, you shouldn’t do it too often. The recommended number of times to exfoliate your skin is twice or thrice a week, and not consecutively; give your skin time to breathe. 

A shocking fact I learned recently is that you shouldn’t use a face towel to wash your face. Ironic, isn’t it? I was taken aback as well. The reason for this is that when you use a face towel or a loofah to wash your face, it strips your skin of its natural oils, and this results in drying out your skin. I stopped using loofahs and face towels, and I can testify that it has made a big difference in my skin. 

Now that we know how to identify dry skin and we know some of the reasons dry skin occurs let’s learn how to choose a foundation for our skin. 

How to Choose a Foundation for Dry Skin

Choosing a foundation that not only fits your skin type but also keeps you looking good is the base for any makeup look. You should always take your time before settling on a particular type of foundation. 

Always find a hydrating foundation to bring a glow to your face. Find a foundation that has the names ‘hydrating’ and ‘dewy’ in its description. These will bring moisture to your skin and remove signs of dryness.

Avoid any matte-fying foundations because those are specifically made for oily skin and will only dry you out if you already have dry skin. 

Is Fenty Foundation Good for Dry Skin?

Is Fenty Foundation Good for Dry Skin?

In August 2019, Fenty Beauty launched 50 Pro Filtr Hydrating Foundation shades, specifically made for normal and dry skin. The description says it has a ‘natural finish formula’ and is ‘hydrating in medium to full coverage.’ 

Reviews give this foundation four stars out of 5, so we can say the reception of the Pro Filtr Hydrating Foundation has been appreciated. 

The two main outstanding ingredients in this foundation are Grape Seed Oil and Sodium Hyaluronate. 

Grape seed oil is known to moisturize dehydrated skin and restore elasticity, among many other benefits. As I mentioned before, when you have dry skin, you often feel like your skin is tight so incorporating grape seed oil into the foundation was a great idea. Get rid of your tightness, and feel free with this foundation. 

Sodium Hyaluronate on its own hydrates skin as well as reduces the appearance of wrinkles.  

Both these two components act as the key ingredients that battle dry skin. Not only will you not feel and look like you have dry skin, but you will also actually be hydrating your skin by using this foundation. 

Using a primer before applying foundation usually moisturizes your skin in preparation for your makeup look. The best way to use this foundation is by pairing it with the Pro Filtr Hydrating Primer. With this hydrating primer, achieve your glow and say goodbye to looking dry. 

Although Fenty Beauty does not offer many types of hydrating foundations, the Pro Filtr Hydrating Foundation is in 50 different shades. 

The ingredients in this foundation are great for battling dry skin and will have you looking fresh all day! 

With all that said, Fenty Beauty does have a product that is great for dry skin.