Is EWG Skin Deep Database Reliable?

Is EWG Skin Deep Database Reliable?

Many organizations rate the safety of cosmetics, but EWG Skin Deep Database is one of the popular. Many people wonder if the EWG Skin Deep Database is reliable. 

There are many products with detailed information on their safety, but there are also some that do not know. It can be frustrating for those who want to make healthy choices. 

The EWG created a database of over 70,000 products with detailed ratings on how safe they are and their ingredients. They have included ingredients lists for each product, so you know what you’re putting on your skin before buying it.

This article will examine whether the database is reliable or not to help you make your decision when purchasing cosmetics. Read on.

Is EWG Skin Deep Database Reliable?

The EWG Skin Deep Database rates products from 0-11. The lower the score, the better the product’s safety for your skin. 0 means no known hazards, while 11 means big trouble with many studies to support this claim. Anything between these numbers means moderate and low-risk ratings, according to the EWG.

However, there are many products with no information at all on their safety. That can be frustrating for those who want to make healthy choices. Unfortunately, the database is incomplete and cannot contain every product because of how long it takes to research each one thoroughly. 

However, it does not mean that the EWG is lying about its ratings. They do their best to find out all they can and give you a rating for your product, but it might take some time before they get new information on your product.

Is EWG Skin Deep Database Reliable?

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Trust the EWG Skin Deep Database

1. Not All Products Are Rated

2. Some Ingredients Have Unfairly Low Rates

Some ingredients have unfairly low rates because they have not been studied enough yet. 

However, babies and children should be especially cautious about the chemicals in their products since there is no information available on them, according to his study. You must research the ingredients in your products to make sure you are getting what’s best for you.

3. Companies Can Pay To Have Their Products Rated

Since the EWG’s Skin, Deep Database is not an official, government-regulated site; they can charge companies for having their product listed on the database. That could make some of these ratings biased because certain companies might pay more than others and get a better rating which isn’t true.

4. Some Ingredients Are Rated Fairly High Even Though They Are Not Dangerous

Some ingredients have been studied thoroughly and found to be safe, but the EWG gives them a high hazard rating because there is no proof that it’s perfectly safe for your skin.

These products could help improve the condition of your skin despite what the database says about these chemicals. It’s important to look at all the information available before you make a purchase.

5. Companies Can Cheat The System

Some companies might cheat the system and make their products look better than they are. Their ingredients list could claim a score of 0, but if it’s full of chemicals with low ratings, the product is not as safe as it looks.

It can be challenging to research every ingredient in your cosmetics, so you should always do your research to make the healthiest choices for yourself.

There is no one-hundred percent accurate database out there, but it can help you make better decisions about what products you bring into your home. It’s essential to look at all of the available information to know exactly how safe or unsafe your products are.

6. Companies Update Formulas Often

Products’ formulas constantly change, so it can be challenging to research them thoroughly and give an accurate rating. That means that the EWG Skin Deep Database will not have information on your product until they get around to exploring it.

You might think you’re bringing a safe product into your home when it’s not exactly what you were looking for. It is vital to research the ingredients of your products yourself and read labels carefully before making any purchases.

7. EWG Ratings Change Every Year

The EWG updates their Skin Deep Database all the time, so you might not be seeing your product’s most recent rating. That can also cause confusion because if a company has changed its formula since the last update, but it isn’t updated on this site, it will have an old score next to its name. It’s essential to look at all of the available information, but it can be challenging to do this if you’re unsure when the recent update occurred.

8. The Ratings Aren’t Always Accurate

Some chemicals in products might be hazardous to your health, but they don’t have a rating. That means you will not find these ingredients if you look them up on the Skin Deep Database because there is no research behind them. You could go through all the trouble researching and end up putting something in your home that could potentially be hazardous to you.

Alternatives to the EWG Skin Deep Database

The Good Guide is a website that provides you with information on the safety of your products. They grade each ingredient, so it’s easier to determine which ones are safe and which ones you should avoid. 

That could provide a more accurate rating than looking at numbers because there might be some ingredients that have been studied more thoroughly than others but are still being given a low rating because of one factor. The website also provides you with some alternatives to the product that have similar ingredients, so it’s easier for you to make an informed choice.


The EWG Skin Deep Database is a great place to start your research. It can help you make healthier choices for yourself and your family, but it’s also essential to look at all the information available before jumping to any conclusions about how safe or certain unsafe products are. You might find out more information by looking up ingredients online.

The Skin Deep Database is reliable, but there are many products with detailed information on their safety and some that have no knowledge, which can be frustrating for those who want to make healthy choices.


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