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How to Remove Duo Lash Glue

How to Remove Duo Lash Glue

Duo lash glue is a favorite adhesive among many beauty enthusiasts. In fact, it’s one of the bestselling adhesives in the beauty industry. Besides being easy to apply adhesive, this product dries quickly, leaving a clear end look. Additionally, it’s easy to remove, and it has the ability to hold your lashes in place all day. Duo lash glue works best with Ardell eyelashes and other individual lashes. 

This lash glue works by attaching two strips of synthetic fiber to the root of your natural lashes. It is then dried and fixed in place with a single strip of synthetic fiber between them, and the result is a mesh-like structure that resembles your natural eyelashes. 

Duo lash glue is a waterproof adhesive that dries quickly, leaving a clear end look. One undebatable truth about fake lashes is that they can be damaging to your natural lashes if left on for too long. This is why you must ensure to remove them before bedtime. 

There are many ways of removing falsies from your eyes, but the truth of the matter is not every way is safe for your natural lashes. Some methods, such as plucking or pulling, may end up doing more harm than good to your natural eyes. So, what are the best ways to remove duo lash glue in 2022? Let’s find out below.

Why You Must Remove Duo Lash Glue before Bedtime

Before proceeding to answer the best ways to remove duo lash glue in 2022, it is essential we first understand why we must undertake this process. 

Although a common adhesive in the application of lash extensions, duo lash glue can be damaging to your natural lashes and eyes. Like any other eyelash glue, this product can cause irritation and itching around the eyes when not properly applied and removed. If duo lash glue gets into your eyes, it can damage the cornea leading to irritation and scarring. 

The little latex in this glue also results in strong vapors that can result in a burning sensation in and around the eyes. Sleeping with your lash extensions on may also result in irritation and itchiness around your eyes. Duo lash glue can cause dryness which leads to breakage and shorter lashes. Your eye area is a very sensitive body part that requires optimum care if you want to have the best health and experience. 

One of the proven ways of maintaining good natural lashes and healthy lash extensions is to remove the falsies before going to bed. Although some lash extensions can last for days on your eyes, it’s always recommendable to take them off before going to bed. This gives your natural lashes time to breathe and grow. This action also improves the durability of your falsies as it saves them from the harm that results when you are tossing and rolling in bed. 

To gain the best from your lash extensions, ensure to cleanse them off all the glue after removing them from your eyes and park them safely into their recommended package, ready for next day use. So what are the best ways to remove these extensions? Below we highlight some of the safest and recommendable ways to get rid of eyelash glue.  

How to Remove Duo Lash Glue

How to Remove Duo Lash Glue

There are different ways of removing duo lash glue which are;

Steam Your Eyelashes to Remove the Duo Lash Glue

Steaming your face is one of the easiest methods to remove duo lash glue. In addition to getting rid of the glue, this method helps remove all the stubborn bacteria and dirt from your face, which could otherwise lead to breakouts and irritation. 

When using this method to get rid of the duo lash glue, ensure to first remove all your makeup using a makeup remover product of your choice before leaning your face on a large bowl of hot water. Next, close your eyes for 5 -10 minutes and allow the steam to work on softening the adhesive on your lashes. Thereafter use a pair of tweezers and a clean cloth to get rid of the falsies and the glue on your lash line. 

Use Lash Glue dissolver as a Solvent in the Duo Lash Glue Removal Process

You can use any lash glue dissolver of your choice to get rid of duo lash glue from your eyes. The dissolver works as a solvent in dissolving the glue on your lashes. When using this method to get rid of the duo lash glue, ensure to work with your eyes closed to avoid it getting into them and causing regrettable consequences. 

After soaking a cotton pad into the dissolver, apply it gently to your lashes without getting too close to your eyes. The dissolver will work on the glue and remove every bit of it. 

Use Oil-Based Remover to Break Down and Remove the Duo Lash Glue 

You can easily remove duo lash glue using any oil-based remover of your choice. One major advantage of this type of method is that you can also use the oil-based makeup remover as a cleanser to help get rid of any makeup dirt and other debris on your face. 

To use this method, simply soak a cotton pad in the oil-based remover and gently rub it on your lashes to dissolve the glue and get rid of it. 

Use Pure Oil to Get Rid of the Duo Lash Glue

If you are not in a position to acquire oil-based remover, you can simply use any available oil of your choice, such as almond oil, baby oil, or coconut oil, to get rid of the duo lash glue from your lashes. When applied correctly, these oils serve the same purpose as an oil-based remover.

Like the oil-based remover, soak a clean cotton pad into your preferred type of oil and rub it on your lashes. The oil dissolves the glue detaching it from your natural lashes. 


You can never go wrong with lash extensions. In the recent past, these products have become the go-to solution for anyone looking to make their eyes pop and stand out. Though these are safe products to use in attaining the required eye shape and size, most lash extensions require that you use adhesives to stick them to your natural lashes. 

This is where trouble kicks in. The truth is adhesives are not the best products to use on your eyes. Eyelash glues are known to cause irritation, redness, and other severe consequences when not properly applied and removed. Although one of the bestselling adhesives in the makeup industry, duo lashes glue has its own shortcomings. This product can, for instance, cause irritation and redness around your eye area when not properly removed. 

You, however, don’t need to worry about such an occurrence as the above tips will see to it that you get the best results from this glue.