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Fox Eye Vs. Cat Eye 

Fox Eye Vs. Cat Eye 

Eyeliners have become a basic makeup product in everyone’s life today. These products help add to the eye’s beauty and glamor and add definition to your general look. With eyeliner, you can achieve any look under the sun. 

Fox eye vs. Cat eye are two of the most common looks among celebrities and the general public today. Fox eyeliner or fox eye makeup refers to using eyeliner to create almond-shaped, elongated eyes that resemble those of a fox. Cat eye, on the other hand, entails concentrating on the outer portion to create a rounded effect on the eyes to resemble those of a cat. 

In this article, we tell you the difference between Fox eye vs. Cat eye and show you how to achieve these looks using eye makeup. 

How to Achieve Fox Eyes using Eye Makeup

Fox Eye Vs. Cat Eye 

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To achieve fox eyes, you will need several makeup products such as concealer, powder, mascara, and brown or black eyeliner or eye shadow. With these products, you can achieve fox eyes following the following steps. 

Prep Your Eye Area

To ensure your fox eyes look serves you the entire day, it’s essential that you clean your eye area to get rid of all the excess oils and makeup dirt before applying the eyeliners and eye shadow. You can do the prepping using gentle products such as cleansers and exfoliators. 

After cleansing, prime the eyelids using a mild concealer of your choice and set them using a powder that’s close to your skin tone. Doing this will ensure your makeup stays on for long without getting cakey. 

Contour the Outer Corner of Your Eye to Create a Base for the Fox Eye Look

Achieving fox eyes requires that you add weight to the outer corner of your eyes. To do this, use a light brown eyeshadow to contour this part of your eye area, starting from the farthest corner of your eye and moving towards the outer side. Follow this up with a dark brown shadow where you will contour towards the outer side of the eye, creating something like a wing. Lastly, use a lighter shade to contour your brow bone and the center of your eyelid. 

Do the Fox Eye 

To achieve a fox eye look requires that you trace the line of your eyelid using black liquid eyeliner. As you trace this line, stop somewhere between ¾ of the way and start extending the wing out in a straight thin line. 

Next, work on your lower lash line by bringing the outer corner towards it using brown eyeshadow as your contour tool. Lastly, do some justice to your eye’s inner corner by using a black eyeliner to create a tiny v shape and move it outwards. 

How to Do Cat Eye

Fox Eye Vs. Cat Eye 

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You can achieve CAT eye using pencil or liquid eyeliner. To achieve this dramatic and glamorous look, follow the following steps;

Prep and Prime the Eyelids

The CAT eye needs a clean surface and an even base to hold longer. This, therefore, requires that you first clean and prime your eye area using gentle cleansers and eye shadow before doing the Cat eye. 

To prepare your eye area, get your makeup brush into light or neutral eyeshadow and brush it across the lid, starting from the lash line to the crease. You may be tempted to use a dark eyeshadow for a more dramatic look, but this is not advisable as the look will appear unnatural since cat eyes are overly dramatic. 

Get Your Wing Angle

The next step after prepping and priming your eyelid is to get your wing angle. This will depend on the shape of your eyes and how dramatic you want to look. There are two major ways of getting the wing angle. 

The first method is deciding to treat the wing as an extension of your lower lash line where you’ll just extend it a little bit to form your cat eye wing. The other method entails curating your cat eye wing by running a makeup brush from the outer side of your nose to the end of your eyebrow. This path will mark the angle your wing should follow. 

You can decide to make a dot to outline the angle of your wing before removing the makeup brush to avoid drawing out of shape. The shape of your eyes will determine the length of your wing. If you, for instance, have small eyes, you’ll want to have a longer and more smoked wing to help make your eyes appear bigger and elongated. 

The opposite is also true for those with wide eye sets. Such people will want short and less defined wings. To achieve this, keep the wing short by starting the eyeliner on the waterline and elongating the angle upwards. 

Draw Your Cat Eye

After getting your wing, the next task is to now do the cat eye eyeliner. Using a black liquid eyeliner, outline both the inner and outer corners of your eyes. To ensure you get that magnificent look at your inner eye area, you’ll need to work on contouring this area by using a thin and precise brush to extend your eyeliner line and create a look that resembles an extended tear duct line. 

Fox Eye Vs. Cat Eye: Which is Your Pick?

As shown above, it’s very easy to achieve these eye shapes using simple makeup products. The right eye shape for you will depend on the size and shape of your natural eyes and the final look you desire. If you, for instance, desire almond-shaped elongated eyes, fox eye makeup is the route to follow. If you, however, desire the dramatic rounded effect, the cat eye is your go-to method. 

Whatever eye shapes you decide to settle on, always ensure to prep and prime your eyelid area for increased hold and longevity. Also, ensure to use the right makeup products such as lighter or neutral eye shadows and liquid black eyeliners. When working with these products, always remember that a little goes too far, and as such make an effort to work with one coat of the product for better results.