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Face Reality Skincare Reviews

Face Reality Skincare Reviews

Face Reality Skincare is a skincare brand that has been in the market for the past 17 years. It started simply as a personal skincare routine and is now a big brand that has a significant breakthrough in repairing damaged and aging skin.

Face Reality Skincare has programs and products designed to address real skin issues. It helps you address aging, pigmentation, and wrinkles from the inside of your body by using skin-compatible and nonreactive ingredients. It is an all-rounded beauty product brand that addresses each skin type and complexion differently; that is why it’s best practice for you to know your skin type starting a skincare routine.

Why Choose Face Reality Skincare?

  • Their products do not contain acne-causing ingredients.
  • Their products have combinations that help treat severe acne
  • They are not tested in animals
  • It is Gluten-free 
  • It has some products that vegans can use
  • Their products are tailored to address different skin types.
  • Their skincare treatment program allows interactions with a skin specialist.
  • They restrict products with active ingredients unless authorized by their specialist. 

What To Consider Before Buying Reality Skincare Products

Your skin type and complexion. Yes, this has been mentioned, to stress it. When you know your skin type, you know what to use and what you shouldn’t use.

The product ingredients: before you purchase any given product, you read through for ingredients that your skin is allergic to. That is why you need to seek advice from your local dermatologist or online before embarking on a skincare routine.

Key Ingredients And The Role They Play In Face Reality Skincare Products

Every ingredient used in the Face Reality Skincare product has proven research done to bring out the benefits and how it works in taking care of your skin. The ingredients below are formulated and combined with other ingredients and botanicals to enhance their performance.

Mandelic acid is a great ingredient containing Mandelic acid and Lactic acid. Its density is much thicker than that of Alpha-hydroxy, allowing gentle and even exfoliation to take place.

Peptides blends: this is an antioxidant peptide that helps fight and prevent the underlying acne triggers before they occur.

Vitamin C: I suppose you already know that vitamin C is the best anti-aging you can ever find in a beauty product with great other benefits and fewer reactions. 

Vitamin E. you interact with this product daily in the food you eat and even supplement. Face Reality uses it in their products because its an excellent antioxidant and prevent UV from damaging your skin

Salicylic acid. This is a fantastic ingredient used by Face Reality in anti-acne products. They help treat acne by reducing the swelling redness and unclogging skin pores for the acne to dry out faster. It also works on other skin conditions by smoothening and getting rid of dead skin.

Where To Buy Face Reality Products

Their products are sold at their online website (, their clinic, or by authorized aestheticians.

Customer Reviews On Face Reality Products

Face Reality Skincare products guarantee a 90% success rate on the use of their products for at least three months. Suppose you go through reviews on different online platforms selling Face Reality products like beauty hook, Art Of Skin Care, and the Face Reality website. The majority of those who have used the products gave a 5-star rating meaning the customers are happy about the outcome. However, some found the downside in some products.

One of the clients said that she had started developing acne because of putting on a mask most of the time, and after using Face Reality products, she had her beautiful and smooth face back a few weeks later.

A client said she fought acne-related issues for close to ten years until she sought the Face Reality skincare program. She says the treatment worked and can recommend it to others struggling with acne. 

Another 5-star reviewer said that if she were to be given a verdict to use only beauty product brands, she would choose Face Reality because she enjoys an acne-free face and the courage to face the world. Before she met one of the skin care specialists, she said she was actually shy and could barely face people for a talk.

However, some clients were not satisfied. One customer said that after using the Mandelic serum, her face started drying out, and she had to stop using it. She feels like the product is overrated.

FAQs On Face Reality Skincare Program 

Here are the answers to questions that clients wanted to know more about on the face reality specialist’s skincare program.

How to do consultations?

For those visiting for the first time, visit their page ( and book an appointment. They have also indicated their contact if you want to give them a call.

How much does it cost?

For consultations only, you will be charged $75, and for consultation and treatment, you will pay a total of $125. For acne treatment, expect to pay $85.They also offer packages for first-time visitors. The 3 Months program costs $230 for a complete package, which takes six months to cost $460. These charges could be subject to change, be sure to reach out to them before making the payments.

Can one use other products during treatment?

No. One of the specialists said they have invested a lot in research and would allow their clients to risk using other products they do not know, admitting that acne is very challenging to treat.

Face Reality Skincare Reviews

Face Reality offers general skincare products but is more focused on Acne treatment. Many skin care specialists are ready to walk the acne-free skin care journey with you. To book an appointment, visit their website for real-time assistance. Their skincare program takes 3- 6 months. Concerning their pricing, the value of services and results achieved to determine whether it’s expensive or not. Face reality skincare products are designed for specific skincare similar to their treatment. Face Reality offers you an opportunity like no other in your acne treatment journey. If your acne has been an issue, this article will help you understand more about Face reality skincare.