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Does Curology Expire?

Does Curology Expire?

When it comes to skincare, we all want to get our services from licensed brands and those with a history of offering safe, long-lasting and affordable products. The skin is a very sensitive body organ, and a little mistake with any product can lead to dire consequences. This is why everybody runs to recognized brands such as Curology, Too Faced cosmetics, amongst others. 

Curology is an online skin care product company that was started in 2014 with the aim of simplifying skincare. It offers different products aimed at addressing acne-prone skin issues and other problems such as blackheads, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and dark spots. 

This brand offers different products ranging from spot patches, body washes, moisturizers, cleansers and custom formulas, to name a few. The main concern among most people is whether Curology products expire. In this article, we endeavor to answer this and provide an in-depth explanation of everything pertaining to Curology. 

Different Products Offered by Curology Company


Curology offers a non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free cleanser that’s safe to use on sensitive skin. Curology cleanser is made using plant sugars which help in locking in moisture, and oat extract that helps soothe inflamed skin. 

Does Curology Expire?

Body Wash

Curology offers a body wash formulated with 2 percent Salicylic acid. The body washes works magic in unclogging the pores, clearing blemishes and preventing the formation of new breakouts. 

Spot Patches

This company also offers hydrocolloid spot patches that help treat acne by covering the blemishes to protect against environmental factors. The patches ooze out fluids from the acne spots and provide a convenient environment for body enzymes to work on the affected area facilitating faster healing. 


Curology offers two different types of moisturizers, moisturizers and rich moisturizers. The moisturizer is best suited for normal and oily skin types, while the rich moisturizer works for dry and aging skin types. 

The moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid as its main ingredient, which helps in moisture retention and hydration. The rich moisturizer contains six hydrating ingredients, among them the Shea butter, aloe and hyaluronic acid. 

The moisturizer contains a lightweight gel texture, while the rich moisturizer contains a creamy texture. These moisturizers are paraben, oil, gluten, vegan and fragrance-free. 

Custom Formula

Curology offers a skincare formula customized to your skin needs. This formula contains seven key ingredients, namely Tretinoin, Azelaic acid, Niacinamide, Zinc pyrithione, Tranexamic acid, metronidazole and Clindamycin. 

Dark Spot Formula

If you are struggling with dark spots, the Curology Company has a solution for you. This company offers a short term spot treatment formula that’s meant to be applied daily for a period of three months. 

How to Purchase Skincare Products from Curology

To get a skincare product from Curology requires that you first sign up on the company website. Here you will be required to provide some personal information such as your email address and birthday. 

After signing up, Curology requires that you offer some critical information pertaining to your skin, such as any allergies, medical history, skin type and your current skincare routine. You will also be asked to provide a few selfies of your face for the provider to see your skin. These details enable the provider to choose the right ingredients to include in your custom formula and the right personalized skincare products for you.  

With this information, your skincare professional will prescribe a customized skincare formula or product to reach you within five business days. Curology is a subscription service, and as such, you are required to sign up for a monthly subscription to purchase products on a monthly basis. 

Does Curology Expire?

Benefits of Getting Your Skincare Products from Curology

● 24/7 access to healthcare providers 

● You can simply order from home

● Curology offers a simplified skincare routine

● The company offers a free 30-day trial giving you enough time to adjust your plan 

Shortcomings of Curology Skincare Products

● It requires a monthly subscription to purchase products from Curology

● Active ingredients offered by Curology are readily available at lower prices elsewhere

● Curology products are not covered by health insurance

● No face to face interaction with your provider

Side Effects of Curology

You may experience the following side effects when you start using Curology products;

● Discoloration

● Dryness

● Mild itching

● Halo spots

Curology advises first time users to use the product sparingly and report any unusual occurrence with immediate effect. It’s also advisable to keep up with your normal skincare routines such as cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing to minimize irritation and dryness. 

Does Curology Expire?

Yes, Curology products do expire. These products will have the expiration date clearly marked on the packaging when you purchase them. To determine your Curology product expiration date, check on its PAO symbol. The ‘Period after Opening’ symbol tells you how long you should use the product before it goes bad. This will mostly be a number such as 24M written somewhere on the can. 24M on the can means that you should dispose of the product after two years as it will have expired. 

Another way to determine a product’s expiration date is to check its batch code. The code is mostly an 11 number word that tells when the product was manufactured and when it’s likely to expire. Most Curology products have a two-year shelf life. How long these products serve you depends on how well you use them and how you store them.

How to Prolong the Shelf Life of Your Curology Products

To ensure Curology products serve you for a long period of time, you should make an effort to implement the following measures;

Store the Product in a Cool Dry Place

Storing your Curology products away from direct sunlight or wet places will help prolong their shelf life. Curology products contain preservatives that may easily break down when exposed to heat or moisture, leading to the growth of mold and fungi. 

Close the Products after Use

It’s crucial that you minimize bacterial infestation on your Curology products by always closing the can after use. This will help prolong the shelf life of your product. 

Wash Your Hands Before and After Using the Product

Your hands carry all manner of bacteria which, if it comes into contact with your Curology product, will affect its shelf life. Therefore always ensure to wash your hands before and after using the product to avoid the transfer of germs. 


Curology Company is great when it comes to skincare products. It saves you from the hustle of having to visit a dermatologist or mortar and brick shop to order your preferred product. With just a simple series of photos and questions, a healthcare professional from Curology is able to prescribe a skincare formula and product for your needs. 

Like any other skincare product, Curology products do expire. How long these products will serve you depends on their concentration and how well you take care of them. To prolong your product shelf life, store it away from heat and direct sunlight and always close it after use to avoid bacteria infestation.