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Does CeraVe Expire?

Does CeraVe Expire?

CeraVe is a product made by one of the medicated skincare companies known as L’Oréal Group. It separates its products into three categories: CeraVe baby products, CeraVe skincare, hydrating cleansers, and moisturizers.

The formulation of the olive oil-based cream was due to a need to heal wounds and hydrate dry skin while also treating acne and eczema. CeraVe formula is non-irritating, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and dermatologist-approved. 

CeraVe product has fantastic reviews. It contains ceramides – waxy lipids that help maintain the skin barrier by keeping water in – which can help heal small wounds (hand-raisers, you’re welcome). It also contains Hyaluronic acid – a humectant that helps lock in moisture. In this post, you will better understand it and know whether it goes bad at a certain point.

Past Claims About CeraVe

You may have heard about CeraVe on the news lately concerning a class-action lawsuit. The plaintiff alleged that the company was misleading customers by claiming its principal ingredient, hyaluronic acid, could reduce wrinkles and provide hydration for 24 hours or more. 

The company won the lawsuit when its defense argued that despite the FDA’s claim that hyaluronic acid is not permanent, it still provides some hydration level. 

Does CeraVe Expire?

CeraVe moisturizing creams and lotions contain ingredients that are beneficial for skin health. The company recommends using products within 24 months after opening the container. The reality is that the shelf life of many CeraVe cream products is longer than two years. However, other brands may have different expiration dates.

The expiration date listed on the packaging is based on results from stability studies commissioned by the manufacturer to test product performance over time. A representative from CeraVe said that, in general, “the longer a product sits before being opened, the higher its risk of losing potency.”

How to Notice That a Product Has Expired

If a product has expired, you might not notice any difference in how it looks or smells. But over time, active ingredients can accumulate tiny air pockets that cause them to separate from other substances in the lotion. 

Some emollients and preservatives may also lose some efficacy. What does that mean? The older a product is, the more likely it is to develop an off-odor and introduce bacteria into the formula.

The expiration date also tells you how long a manufacturer can guarantee its safety and effectiveness regarding microbiological contamination. For this reason, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires all manufacturers to place expiration dates on consumer products.

For instance, if a moisturizer contains sunscreen, the sun-blocking ingredients will degrade over time and may not provide proper protection by the time you use up the product.

Manufacturers cannot guarantee that cosmetics are free from contamination caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, and mold. These microorganisms can multiply quickly on the surface of products that have been opened and stored for a long time.

While using cosmetics past the expiration date is not likely to cause serious harm, we know that bacteria can multiply quickly in these products, leading to skin irritation. For example, Staphylococcus epidermidis, a common microbe often found on the skin, is harmless, but it can cause redness or irritation if it contaminates a product.  

What to Do When You Notice the CeraVe Product Has Expired

Don’t panic if you suspect that your CeraVe facial moisturizer or other skincare product has expired. You may not have to throw it out, provided that the product looks, smells, and feels normal when you apply it.

The best way to test a lotion for freshness is to take a dab of it on your inner wrist (or somewhere under your arm) and wait 15 minutes or so. If you see any signs of skin redness or irritation that develop after the waiting period, it’s time to toss the product. You can also seek assistance through CeraVe toll by calling 1-866-204-363.

What Do People Say About CeraVe?

CeraVe products have over 2,000 reviews on Amazon. The 3-in-1 moisturizing lotion got over 1,000 reviews and a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 (from July 2014 to March 2015). 

Most people who reviewed it said that they liked how affordable the product was and its light scent. It also helped with their dry skin and eczema during the winter season. Many appreciated that it did not break out their skin even though they have oily or acne-prone skin. 

Others also commented that it was gentle to use regularly yet strong enough to heal dry, cracked feet. There were also highlights that it was very light yet still effective and helped eliminate dermatitis and eczema.  

Some wrote that although they had never had a problem with dry skin, they started to use the moisturizer afterward, which saved them from developing dry, cracked patches of skin. 

Some people disliked CeraVe because it did not meet their needs. A few added that the product felt too heavy for them or did not absorb well into their skin and would leave them looking shiny. Some also noted that even though the product claims to be fragrance-free, it does have a smell.

Where Can One Buy CeraVe?

CeraVe cream is a moisturizer that comes in various sizes. Their website offers free shipping, which makes it more convenient to buy your favorite product online than going out and purchasing through other means. You can pay for the purchase by credit card or PayPal account, making it even easier for you to shop from home.

To Purchase the Product, Follow These Easy Steps:

Visit their website, and choose the products you want to buy. You can view the details of each product by clicking on its image or link. Check out the shopping cart page to see a list of your selected items with prices and quantities shown. Click on “Checkout Now” at the top right corner of your screen, and enter your billing information.

As you can see from the above, it is a good product for your personal use provided you follow the proper steps to prevent it from going bad quickly.