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Conair True Glow vs. Clarisonic

Conair True Glow vs. Clarisonic

Conair True Glow and Clarisonic are cleansing gadgets that help achieve a deeper clean through gentle exfoliation of your skin. These skin cleansing systems are designed to gently yet deeply cleanse your skin in a fraction of the time it takes with hands alone. 

Conair True Glow and Clarisonic skin cleansing brushes are powered by a patented sonic technology that’s gentle enough for daily usage. With over 1000 vibrations per second, the brush’s skin-friendly oscillations increase oxygen flow and sweep away dirt and makeup. 

These brushes help improve the absorption of moisturizers into the skin and prevent breakouts as a result of clogged pores. Regular usage of these brushes gives birth to smoother and softer skin with a noticeable reduction in pore size and fine lines. Both companies claim that their devices remove six times more dirt and oil than hand washing alone. So, which one is better for you? 

Read on to find out. 

Conair True Glow

Conair True Glow vs. Clarisonic

Conair true glow is a cordless brush that includes three interchangeable brush heads to use in cleansing, exfoliating, and messaging the different parts of your body, including the face, neck, and sensitive skin parts. This brush is battery operated and comes with a charging stand and replaceable AA battery to use at home. It also has an inbuilt automatic cleanser timer which works to direct you to move to the next body part after a given time. 

Conair true glow operates at 300 oscillations per second to deep cleanse the skin, reduce dry skin and oily patches and remove all the visible blemishes. This results in a smooth and clear skin that’s able to absorb moisturizers and other skincare products quickly. You can use this brush anywhere, even in the swimming pool or underwater, as it’s waterproof and contains no cord that may cause electrocution.  

The Conair true glow brush also contains three-speed alterations that enable you to adjust it as and when the need arises. You can, for instance, work with high speed for deeper cleaning, medium speed for normal skin, and low for cleansing your sensitive skin type. 

The Conair true glow brush is clinically proven, dermatologist-tested, and non-irritant. This brush currently retails at $19.99. Also, Conair true glow brush contains extremely soft bristles that glide over the skin smoothly, allowing for even distribution of the product. This brush works best on sensitive skin types. 

You should replace this brush head after every three months. You can use the Conair true glow brush on your face, shoulders, back, and neck. 


Conair True Glow vs. Clarisonic

Clarisonic is the world leader in sonic skin cleansing systems. Clarisonic brushes are designed to be used with a cleanser, and they oscillate back and forth. This company uses patented sonic technology to oscillate at 300 times per second to increase the effectiveness of your daily cleansing routine. 

This brand offers four different models of cleansing brushes, Mia 1, Mia 2, Aria, and Plus. Clarisonic Mia 1 brush is the entry-level model that comes with a single speed and one brush head. Mia 2 offers two-speed settings and comes with a charger so you can use the cordless unit. Clarisonic Mia fit is a smaller version of the Clarisonic plus that offers two different types of speeds and a USB charging dock. The plus model includes three-speed settings and comes with a charger for cordless operation. This model also offers three different types of brush heads- the body brush head, acne cleansing brush head, and sensitive cleansing brush head. 

Clarisonic brushes are uniquely designed to deliver a gentle but effective cleansing experience for all skin types. They are different brush heads in this brand as follows:

  • Radiance brush head: This is a brush designed with soft, angled bristles to deliver sonic cleansing action over the contours of your face. This is the recommended brush head for normal skin types. 
  • Sensitive brush head: This brush head is designed with extra soft bristles for sensitive skin types or first-time users; this brush head delivers a gentle cleansing experience. 
  • Acne cleansing brush head: Designed with long, thin bristles that provide targeted exfoliation to help clear acne blemishes and blackheads around the nose area, chin and forehead. 
  • Deep pore cleansing brush head: This brush type is designed with densely packed dual-action bristles that help remove excess oils and debris that clog pores. This brush head is best suited for sensitive and oily skin types. 

Clarisonic brushes are cordless and waterproof hence safe to use during shower and swimming. Like Conair True Glow, Clarisonic brushes come with 300 oscillations per second and patented sonic technology that allows it to effectively clear out blemishes and enlarged pores. 

Clarisonic brushes contain a timer and moveable head that allows for better access to hard-to-reach areas such as around the nose and tough-to-clean crevices. This skin cleansing brush features a 3-speed brush, an ergonomic handle, and most importantly, over 300,000 bi-directional, oscillating soft silicone touch-points that remove 6x more makeup, dirt, and oil. 

Conair True Glow vs. Clarisonic: Understand the Differences

If you are trying to decide between the Conair true glow and Clarisonic, the biggest difference is that the Clarisonic doesn’t have vibration settings. It does use sonic technology and has a timer, but for some people, it may not be enough. If you don’t like feeling vibrations on your skin when you wash your face, then the Conair true glow is a better option. 

Price is another differentiating factor between these two brushes. Conair true glow brush currently retails at $39.99 on Amazon, while Clarisonic Mia 1 brush model costs $163 at the same store. 

As you can already tell, the Conair true glow sonic cleansing system is more affordable than the Clarisonic cleansing brushes, thus ideal for those on a tight budget. The Conair true glow comes with an exfoliating brush head which the Clarisonic doesn’t offer. The problem with this brush is that it can be too harsh on sensitive skin. You also need to replace it after every three months, which may be costly. 

Conair True Glow vs. Clarisonic: Which One is Better for You?

The truth is these two brushes are great skin cleansing tools that are suitable for different types of users. The right brush for you will depend on your budget, preference, and skin needs. 

If you desire to save a few coins, you should opt for the much cheaper Conair true glow brush. These devices promise to offer a 6x better cleansing experience than your hands. To reap the best from Conair true glow and Clarisonic cleansing brush, ensure to choose a brush that’s suitable for your skin type and use the correct speed depending on your skin needs. 

Additionally, ensure to introduce the brush slowly into your skincare routine and keep it in a clean, dry place to avoid bacteria contamination.