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Carmex vs. Vaseline

Carmex vs. Vaseline

How do you soothe your dry, chapped lips? There are many options. One popular option is Carmex lip balm. Another popular choice is Vaseline petroleum jelly. But which one should you choose? 

Carmex is a brand of lip balm that many people swear by. It soothes dry, chapped lips and contains ingredients like beeswax and olive oil. Vaseline is an iconic product with several uses. You can apply it topically on the skin for moisture or as a hair pomade if you’re not looking to spend money on more expensive products. 

Both products have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to moisturizing your lips during colder months. 

How To Apply Carmex

1. Apply Sparingly

You should apply Carmex in a thin layer and only to affected areas (such as lips or the dry skin on your hands).

2. Reapply Often

Carmex is more effective when you apply it frequently throughout the day, adding an extra layer whenever you remember to do so. If reapplying every few hours isn’t your thing, consider trying an overnight option.

3. Don’t Use Much

It might be tempting to apply Carmex like you would a lip gloss or lipstick, but don’t go overboard. Using much of it can lead to skin irritation and make your lips feel drier than before.

4. Try an Overnight Treatment

If you’re struggling with dry lips throughout the entire day, consider using Carmex overnight. Apply it before bed, and give your lips a boost of moisture while you sleep.

Carmex vs. Vaseline


Benefits of Carmex

1. Moisturizes Lips With Natural Ingredients

Carmex contains only natural ingredients, ensuring that the balm won’t irritate your skin or expose you to unnecessary chemicals.

2. Soothes Chapped Lips

If you’re experiencing extreme dryness from the cold, Carmex is a great option for soothing your cracked lips with its greasy texture and natural ingredients.

3. You Can Customize It With Essential Oils or Other Products

Since Carmex contains only natural ingredients, it’s perfect for use in combination with other products. Try out different essential oils or even mix them with your favorite moisturizer to create a unique lip balm that meets all of your needs.

4. You Can Use It on Dry Skin

If you’re struggling with dry skin not only on the outside of your lips but also around your mouth, try out Carmex for softening and moisturizing your skin in addition to your lips.

5. There’s A Bigger Size Available If You Want It

You don’t want an unnecessarily bulky container of lip balm. Still, if you’re someone who uses Carmex frequently during colder months (especially overnight), the giant jar might be perfect for you.

Cons of Using Carmex

1. Can Be Messy

Carmex can get a little messy, especially if you’re using it as an overnight treatment. Ensure not to use much of it and clean up any accidental spills or smudges by wiping them off with a tissue or cotton swab.

2. Can Cause Irritation

If you have cracked lips and irritated, Carmex might cause further irritation and dryness. If your lips are too sensitive, try a different product instead to avoid unnecessary pain or discomfort.

3. Contains Parabens

Some people choose to avoid Carmex containing parabens as a preservative as they can be potentially dangerous for the body. Parabens mimic estrogen in the body and have been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. 

Although using Carmex in moderation is unlikely to pose a severe health risk, it’s something to consider if you’re concerned about chemical exposure.

Carmex isn’t the only lip balm you can use. However, here’s how Vaseline measures up.

How To Use Vaseline

1. Choose petroleum jelly (also known as petrolatum jelly). Petroleum jelly is thicker than other options like lip balm, so make sure you’re choosing the right product.

2. Apply sparingly, as Vaseline can be hard to remove from your lips entirely. A thin layer is all you need. Ensure to wipe off any excess before applying additional layers, or it can lead to clumpy, yucky-looking lips.

3. Reapply often throughout the day for best results. If you don’t, Vaseline can make your lips drier by sealing in existing moisture.

4. Try an overnight treatment if you’d like. You can apply Petroleum jelly and other options like lip balm or even use toothpaste before bed to lock in much-needed moisture overnight.

Carmex vs. Vaseline

Benefits of Vaseline

1. Provides Long-Lasting Moisture With Minimal Effort

Warm-up a small amount of Vaseline in the palm of your hands to help it spread more easily before applying it to your lips. Alternatively, you can also apply Vaseline with your finger but ensure not to use much. A little goes a long way.

2. Highly Moisturizing

The petroleum jelly in Vaseline creates an oily barrier of moisture to protect your lips against harsh weather. You can also combine it with other products for extra benefits.

3. Unscented

You don’t want to deal with strong scents throughout the day, so Vaseline is a good option if you’re sensitive to more noticeable scents.

4. Affordable

You can find Vaseline at almost any store, making it a cost-effective option to try out. If you use much of the product, no worries-it’s inexpensive, so there’s little risk of wasting money on more expensive alternatives.

Cons of Using Vaseline

1. Can Be Difficult To Remove

Vaseline is not naturally moisturizing like Carmex, so it can be hard to entirely wipe off before reapplication-leaving an oily residue on your lips. It might also get in your hair or on your clothes if you’re not careful.

2. Contains Parabens

You’ll have to do your research on it, as it’s sometimes challenging to find the information. Parabens mimic estrogen and have been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. Although using Vaseline in moderation is unlikely to pose a severe health risk, it’s something to consider if you’re concerned about chemical exposure.

3. Not Everyone Likes the Feeling of Petroleum Jelly on Their Lips

Some people don’t like that Vaseline is oily and tacky, making it hard to apply lip color (especially matte lipstick) without experiencing patchy or flaking. It will also wear off any product you put on top of it! If this sounds like you, try a lip balm instead.

Carmex vs. Vaseline: Which One Is Better?

Vaseline is better than Carmex because it is cheaper and does not contain ingredients that can cause harm to your health. Ingredients in Carmex can cause damage to your health, and that is not the case with Vaseline.

If you believe that ingredients in Vaseline can also cause harm to your health, that is not correct because most of the components found in Vaseline are organic and natural.

Carmex vs. Vaseline

Petroleum Jelly


Every person’s lips are different, so it isn’t surprising that some find Vaseline greasy or Carmex drying. Experiment with both to see your favorite. Even if they are both equally effective, lip balm is a great alternative when you want to prevent your lips from getting too chapped. You can use petroleum jelly in conjunction with your favorite lip balm for better results.

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