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Can You Wear Blush without Foundation?

Can You Wear Blush without Foundation?

Blush is an essential makeup product that helps awaken the youthful look in you. Besides making you look like you’re blushing, blush plays a vital role in making you appear healthy. This makeup product adds a nice flush to your cheeks, making your face look more youthful and healthy, with your eyes appearing brighter and whiter. 

There are many ways of applying blush, depending on your preference, level of expertise, and skin tone. Though a good thing, this may seem confusing to a lot of people. One of the major questions surrounding blush is whether it can be worn without foundation. In this article, we answer this question and tell you everything you need to know about blush. 

Can You Wear Blush without Foundation?

Yes, you can wear blush without foundation. Beauty experts advise staying away from the foundation when wearing blush as it can result in your face looking cakey or unnatural. Most times, your blush may get lost underneath your foundation forcing you to use more of it which may result in your face looking cakey. 

Wearing blush with foundation is also time-consuming and expensive. 

How to Wear Blush without Foundation

Can You Wear Blush without Foundation?

Although it’s possible to wear blush without foundation, your skin needs prior preparation before applying this makeup product. You can wear blush without foundation using the following steps;

Prep Your Skin

Blush requires a clean and smooth skin surface to blend seamlessly and stay put the entire day. You, therefore, need to get rid of makeup dirt, excess oils, and other debris using a gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil daily facial cleanser before applying this makeup product. 

Whatever cleanser you opt to use, ensure it’s mild, non-comedogenic, and hydrating to your skin. Equally important, ensure to exfoliate your skin once a week to get rid of dead skin cells buildup. As always, ensure to work with an exfoliator that’s gentle and beneficial to your skin needs. 

Hydrate Your Skin

Blush works best on well-hydrated skin. It’s therefore essential to moisturize your face with a lightweight moisturizer such as Paula’s Choice hydrating moisture infusing lotion prior to applying it. 

When choosing a moisturizer to use on your face, ensure to settle on a gentle and lightweight product that can easily accommodate your makeup. 

Apply a Primer as Your Makeup Base

Creating a makeup base before applying blush helps prolong its wear time by controlling the secretion of natural oils and minimizing large pores on the face. This is particularly essential for people with oily skin types who tend to have excess oils on their faces. Excess oil on the face interferes with the blush’s ability to hold onto the skin without fading. 

To avoid this, apply a mattifying primer to help get rid of the excess oil before applying the blush. You can also apply a pore minimizing primer if you have large pores on the skin that may interfere with blush blending ability. 

Apply a Concealer to Clear Out Any Blemishes 

It’s vital to clear out any blemishes before applying blush for a natural end look. Chose a concealer that’s the same shade as your skin tone and applied it evenly on your cheeks and other facial parts to conceal any discoloration and birthmarks. 

Choose the Right Blush Formula for Your Skin Type

The blush comes in different formulas applicable to different skin types. Powder blush formula, for instance, works best for people with oily skin types. This formula offers buildable coverage, less shine, and more lasting power. Cream blush formula, on the other hand, works great for people with dry and normal to combination skin types to provide a dewy finish and youthful look.  

Choose the Right Blush Shade

Not every blush shade out there is right for your skin tone. Working with the wrong blush shade may result in your skin turning orange after application. To determine the right shade for you, pay attention to your undertone and skin tone. 

If you, for instance, have warm undertones consider peach blushes for a more natural look. If you have a warm undertone and dark skin tone, opt for a warm peach or dark berry blush shade. 

Pick the Right Tools to Use in Applying the Blush

To get the best from blush makeup products, you must ensure to use the right tools in getting the work done. One of the best tools to use with blush application is a fluffy and angled brush which helps achieve an even look within no time. 

You can also use your bare hands or makeup sponge to apply cream blush formula on your face. If you decide to go by the first option, ensure your hands are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to avoid transferring germs to your product and face. 

Apply the Blush

The last step after settling on your best blush formula, shade, and tool is to now make the application. For best results, ensure to use a small amount of the product and blend it evenly onto your skin using an angled brush, figures, or makeup sponge. 

Moreover, ensure to apply the product according to your face shape for the best results. If you, for instance, have a heart-shaped face, apply the blush at a C-shaped angle from the top of your temple to the cheekbone. Pay more attention to your cheekbones by layering more products in this area. 

Apply a Setting Spray to Increase Blush Longevity

One of the surest ways to increase blush longevity on your face is to apply a setting spray over it. A setting spray works to lock the makeup into its place, increasing longevity. When applying the spray, ensure to close your eyes and spray it all over the face in a circular motion. 

Final Thoughts on Whether You Can Wear Blush without Foundation

Wearing blush without foundation is now easier than ever. All you have to do is get the right blush shade, formula, and tools to make the application. At the same time, ensure to prep your face through cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing for a more even and natural look. 

When choosing the products to use on your face, ensure to settle on gentle and non-comedogenic makeup products that won’t irritate or break you out.