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Can You Sleep in Falscara?

Can You Sleep in Falscara?

False eyelashes are a great way to add some glamor to your look. They help enhance the length, thickness, volume, and appearance of your natural lashes. What’s more, these lashes are very easy to apply and remove. They are also made using quality lightweight and feather-light materials that do not damage your natural lashes. You can decide to wear the falsies on a daily basis or reserve them for special occasions. 

Kiss Falscara is among the most sought-after false eyelashes brand in the market today. Besides being overly affordable, Kiss Falscara lashes attach underneath your natural lashes, giving you a natural end look. Moreover, these lashes are cruelty-free and reusable up to three times, making them less time-consuming and economical. Kiss Falscara eyelashes are the solution you need to make your eyes bigger, brighter, and lively. 

But, can you really sleep in these falsies? Being able to sleep with your falsies on is a major concern among many beauty enthusiasts. Not only does this save you time, but it also helps increase the longevity of these lashes, which would otherwise spoil if you tried to remove and return them daily. If this is your concern regarding kiss Falscara eyelashes, keep reading to identify if you can comfortably sleep in them. 

What Is Kiss Falscara?

Introduced in 2018, Kiss Falscara lashes enable you to achieve a salon-style lash extensions look in the comfort of your home. These lashes are feather-light and easy to apply. They stick underneath your natural lashes, giving you a natural end look you desire. 

These lashes are also made of high-quality material that makes them long-lasting and good-looking. Kiss Falscara lashes are customizable to fit your every look and style. These lashes come in a wide range of styles, including Kiss Falscara lengthening wisps multipack, kiss lash couture extensions collection-royal silk, kiss my lash but better-so real, to name a few. 

Kiss Falscara lashes are also made using gentle ingredients that won’t harm your natural lashes. 

Can You Sleep in Falscara?

Can You Sleep in Falscara?

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Whether you can sleep in your kiss Falscara or not depends on a number of things, such as how long you intend to have the falsies on and if you are ready to get an overnighter. Kiss Falscara lashes were initially meant for all-day wear, which meant removing them before going to bed. 

Things have, however, changed today, and you can comfortably sleep with these lashes on. All you have to do to sleep with these lashes is add an overnighter on top of them after making the initial application. Kiss Falscara overnighter is a 10day lash seal that enables the wisps to wear like the normal lash extensions. Your lashes can last up to ten days with this sealer. 

Kiss Falscara overnighter is sold separately from the bond, wisps, and sealer, and it contains gentle ingredients that won’t harm your eyes. This product is made up of water, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor oil, Laureth -21, propylene glycol, alcohol, Sodium Dehydroacetate, isopropyl alcohol, and butylene glycol. 

How to Use Kiss Falscara Overnighter

To prolong the wear time of your Falscara wisps, apply a thin layer of the overnighter underneath them, slightly away from the WISPs bands. This simply implies that you do the overnighter after applying the bond, attaching the-wisps, and sealing them. For increased longevity, ensure to attach the wisps above your waterline and clog them with your natural lashes using the applicator wand or your figures. 

Your wisps can last up to ten days with this overnighter. To make this possible, add a thin layer of the overnighter on a regular basis to hold your lashes firmly. 

How to Remove Kiss Falscara Wisps and the Overnighter

No matter how long you wish to have these lashes on, a time will come when you will have to get them out. How long the wisps serve you depend on how well you take care of them. For best results, avoid wetting your lashes in the first 24 hours after putting them. Also, practice good sleeping styles such as laying on your back or side to avoid damaging your lashes. 

If you notice your falsies falling off or looking dull and tired, it’s time to remove them as it’s an indication that their wear time is over. Putting falsies on for a prolonged period of time may cause unnecessary damage to your natural lashes. You can remove the wisps and the overnighter using the following steps;

● Saturate a cotton pad with kiss Falscara makeup remover sold separately from the wisps and bond

● Next, place the saturated cotton pad over your eyes to remove the wisps and the overnighter. To ensure the wisps come out with ease, leave the pad on your eyes for approximately 10 seconds before taking it off. 

● The wisps should be able to fall off after this time. If this does not happen, repeat the process a second time until all the residue comes out.  

How to Care and Reuse Your Kiss Falscara Wisps

Kiss Falscara wisps are reusable up to three times. Whether this comes to pass or not depends on how well you take care of them during wear time and storage time. To ensure your wisps don’t get damaged when wearing them, ensure to avoid direct face contact with showers as the water from such sources has high pressure that may damage your wisps. 

Also, ensure to stay away from excessive heat, which may loosen the bond used in sticking the wisps to your natural lashes. To fight the dirt which may accumulate on the lashes affecting their wear time, ensure to cleanse your face and lashes on a daily basis using gentle cleansers and follow it up with a mild moisturizer. 

When prepping your wisps for reuse, soak them in a container containing a kiss Falscara makeup remover to get rid of the bond and seal an overnighter. Thereafter wipe out any dirt residue using a cotton swab saturated with the makeup remover. Once you are sure that the wisps are clean, layer them out on a clean cloth to dry before storing them in their original packaging for next use. 


Sleeping with your falsies on not only saves you time but also increases their longevity by saving them from the damage that would arise through the frequent removal and reapplication. If you have an upcoming event and you were worried about sleeping with your Falscara, take it easy as this is possible. 

All you have to do is get an overnighter from Kiss Falscara at only $13.99. This product will give you a long-wear time of up to ten days. For seamless results when using Kiss Falscara wisps, ensure to practice good hygiene and sleeping measures. Laying on your back or side will do you better than sleeping on your stomach. 

Lastly, ensure to stay away from heat and high-pressured water when using these products for increased longevity.