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Apollo Neuro vs. TouchPoint

Apollo Neuro vs. TouchPoint

Do you suffer from stress, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and are looking for a more affordable solution than therapy? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), stress has been the number one health concern for many years. Technological advancement has led to the development of wearable devices that relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Apollo Neuro and Touchpoint are great wearable devices to help maintain your nervous system and control depression, anxiety, and stress. 

Keep reading for a detailed comparison of the two devices.

Apollo Neuro Overview

Apollo Neuro vs. TouchPoint

Dr. David Rabin, a neuroscientist and psychiatrist developed the Apollo Neuro technology while researching at the University of Pittsburgh Program in Cognitive Affective Neuroscience (PICAN) laboratory. His desire to understand how chronic stress affects human well-being inspired him to develop the device. 

The Apollo neuro is a unique device that strengthens and rebalances your autonomic nervous system. It does this by improving your heart rate variability (HRV), which measures the variation in time between consecutive heartbeats. The Apollo Neuro helps you reverse that process, resulting in more energy, less stress, and better quality of life.

For better results, the company recommends you wear it for a minimum of 2 hours a day, for 30 days a month.

Apollo neuro has seven different modes that you can use to help you to relax. Energy and Wake Up, Social and Open, Clear and Focused, Rebuild and Recover, Meditation and Mindfulness, Relax and Unwind, and Sleep and Renew.

How to Use Apollo Neuro

Please put on the Apollo Neuro and set it to the correct mode. Once set, it will send vibrations to your body.

Choose the timing and how intense you want the vibrations to be. Ideally, the vibrations should not be causing any distractions.

You can feel the effects quickly. So, it’s advisable to put it on only when you need it. That will last for a period of 30 min to 2 hours.

TouchPoint Overview

Apollo Neuro vs. TouchPoint

TouchPoint is a wearable device developed by neuropsychologists and uses neurostimulation to reduce stress.

It’s worn as a pair of wrists, pockets, socks, straps, palms, bags, and hands and works by stimulating the brain to reduce physiological and psychological stress.

TouchPoint wearables use vibrations to reduce the impacts of stress and anxiety. The company claims that TouchPoint is scientifically proven to reduce stress by 74% in 30 seconds and increase focus by 50%. TouchPoint uses technology that has been proven effective in helping people reduce their stress and anxiety and improve sleep.

How to Use TouchPoint

It’s easy to use: Put it on both sides of your body and press on, and the device will vibrate. Vibrations promote deep relaxation and mental clarity. You gain calmness quickly after using the device. Prolonged use leads to a lasting effect of calm and less stress.

Does Apollo Neuro work?

Yes, it does.

It is a new wearable technology that claims to combat stress and anxiety. It works by detecting changes in your heart rate and breathing patterns and using them to determine your stress level.

Apollo Neuro helps you manage your moods and emotions without relying on medication or therapy sessions.

When stressed out, your body releases cortisol, making you feel tired and sluggish. When you wear this device, it provides physical relief from stress. 

Does TouchPoint Work?

Yes, it does. The company claims that the device relieves stress by 74% in seconds, and it’s scientifically proven.

The device uses the power of touch to relieve stress and improve well-being. It has a patent-pending design that activates acupressure points when worn. The company says it’s been tested by leading researchers and proven effective at reducing stress levels.

Apollo Neuro vs. TouchPoint: Comparison

Apollo Neuro and Touchpoint are suitable devices but differ in some ways that may influence people’s choices.

Apollo Neuro is highly priced compared to Touchpoint, and in this case, if you are looking for an affordable wearable stress relief gadget Touchpoint is more preferred.

Apollo Neuro has a sleek design which Touchpoint lacks.

Apollo Neuro has various functions, while Touchpoint focuses on relieving stress.

Apollo Neuro has a mobile app that tracks progress, while Touchpoint lacks.

Apollo Neuro is easy to use compared to Touchpoint as you only wear it on one wrist, while Touchpoint works as a pair and has to be worn on both wrists.

Touchpoints can be worn on various parts,i.e.e, straps, bag, arm, wrist, waist, etc. While Apollo Neuro is only worn on the wrist and ankle

Pros and cons of Apollo Neuro vs. TouchPoint

Apollo Neuro Pros

● Improved focus

● Improved sleep

● Better stress management

● Reduced anxiety

● Enhanced energy and motivation

● Easy to use


● Expensive

TouchPoint Pros

● Proven in reducing stress

● Improves the quality of life

● Therapeutic and calming

● Reduce negative moods and emotions

● Improve sleep quality


● It needs to be charged regularly

Apollo Neuro vs. TouchPoint: Customer Reviews

According to customers who reviewed this product on their websites, the devices were effective and affordable alternatives to other stress-relieving options like therapy.

Customers who bought the Touchpoint device at Amazon found it to be effective. Some customers found it excellent for people with PTSD and autism; however, some found it hard to use and not as effective as stated by the company. Some unsatisfied customers also found it to fail quickly after use.

On the other hand, Apollo Neuro is found to be effective by several users and is ranked among the leading wearable devices. Customers who used Apollo Neuro said it’s sleek and can be worn anytime, anywhere on your ankle and wrist.

What to Consider When Purchasing Wearable Stress Relief Combat?

When buying stress relief wearables, consider price, design, ease of use, review, and functionality. Both have science to back up their research and functionality. And since it’s a new technological way to manage stress, this article provides detailed information on the determining factors.

Apollo neuro is the recommended device for considering research on customer reviews, sleek design, ease of use, and proven to improve sleep and reduce stress and anxiety.

On the other hand, if you are working on a budget and want to reduce stress, Touchpoint may be a suitable gadget.

If you are looking for a quality product that helps you manage stress and improve sleep and focus, Apollo Neuro is better placed and is worth its value.



Sunday 25th of September 2022

Interesting that Harvard Physicians completely refute your opinions about the Apollo wearable because they say that there are absolutely no valid tests that have been done to prove the devices claims or that simple vibrations on your wrist are going to really do anything for you


Sunday 25th of September 2022

Hi Rick,

Kindly share information from the Harvard Physicians. It will be helpful. I am ready to update this piece. Thank you!