Got Toenail Fungus? Essential oils to the rescue!

by Carrie Raab on August 25, 2011

If you have beginning stages of toenail fungus, then this natural remedy using Young Living Essential Oils can help heal those unsightly yellow nails.

 Toenail fungus is a widespread problem, as it is estimated that a quarter of the worldwide population suffers from it. The fungus affects the area of tissue under the nail and feeds off dead material like keratin, which our nails are made of! Add the right body environment,a body that is too acidic or deals with candida/yeast overgrowth,and you have a recipe for long term fungal infection.

Before you start taking internal medications for this ailment make sure to look at all your options,because prescription medications are very hard on your liver!  The medicines will only mask your symptoms, but in reality, will be causing more damage than good.

Many toenail fungus home remedies are too weak to make a difference (Vick’s Vapo-rub,apple cider vinegar) but it certainly won’t hurt your liver to try them and paying some close attention to your feet daily may make a big difference!

ToeNail Fungus essential oil remedies

Melaleuca and Oregano Essential Oil For Mild Toenail Fungus

Combining Melaleuca Alternifolia with Oregano oil is an all natural remedy. Providing,and I will say it a thousand times,you use therapeutic grade essential oils. My oil of choice and only recommendation for toenail fungus is Young Living Essential Oils. These oils are pure, and have no pesticides, chemicals,or synthetic fillers.

Proper Toenail Treatment To Cure Toenail Fungus

Prep your toenails by carefully trimming away dead material and any corner of nail that has loosened from the nailbed. Clean as much debris from under the nails as possible. Let air get to it all.

  • Twice a day apply one drop of Melaleuca or Oregano oil (alternate),making sure it gets under and around the whole nail.
  • Every two weeks give your nail a week off. Pure essential oils can be drying. Keep on filing away dead and dried up material. Be sure to use one file for this purpose only. Nail fungus is definitely contagious.

Every toenail fungus natural remedy will keep you busy for a few months,because growing new healthy nails is a slow process.

Toenail fungus is tenacious. Get your feet out of sweaty shoes and socks whenever you can. Consider moisture wicking socks like hiking socks available at sporting good stores.

Your diet plays a huge role

Fungus does not just show up in any body. It is opportunistic and most likely your body’s immune system is compromised. Over half of Americans by age seventy are afflicted.  A thought to consider.  Are you eating too many sugars? Candida,overgrowth of yeast,in the body seems to set ideal conditions for these kind of low level infections.  Sugar feeds yeast, which is a fungus, and if you are constantly eating carbs and sugary foods, your body will continue to breed yeast and the fungus will not go away.  Change your diet and eat raw whole foods!  Green leafy vegetables and add more protein into your diet.  When you are hungry, eat a celery stick or an apple, versus something starchy, like chips or crackers.

Keep your feet clean and dry and watch your sugar intake!  Always seek a medical Dr. for proper diagnosis.



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