Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

by Carrie Raab on December 27, 2011


Homemade Cinnamon rolls

homemade cinnamon rollsMy family and I love homemade cinnamon rolls from scratchWe enjoy baking and when we want something “sweet”, we like to make it as healthy as possible, using the finest ingredients.  We can’t always eat this way, like when we travel, or when are with family and friends, but when we are home, this is how we roll. (ha ha, no pun intended!) When it comes to sweets, they are not calorie free. :)  I just know they are healthier and better for you than store bought cinnamon rolls. My friends ask me to make these for them from time to time and they justify that they can eat more because I made them and they are eating the “healthy” version of cinnamon rolls. (hey, whatever works!)  I tell myself the same thing when I eat them… hey, I can eat 2 because they are “good” for me!

We love breakfast in our home.  We have breakfast for dinner a lot!  It is fun.  I like to surprise my husband with breakfast for dinner sometimes, and it just brings such joy to his face.  I am not sure why we love it so much, but we do! We enjoy having homemade cinnamon rolls or waffles, scrambled eggs and bacon,or omelettes when the urge strikes us.

We enjoy making our breads, pastries, waffles, muffins and more from scratch.  What I mean by scratch is, we grind our grain into flour. This way we get the purest form of the flour and it is not processed or enriched.  The vitamins (like vitamin E) is found in the germ of the wheat kernel.  As soon as the wheat is milled into flour, the vitamin E begins to oxidize. Within about 72 hours 90% of over 30 nutrients are virtually gone. Breads and other flour products on the market have had these precious nutrients stripped away, in order to have a ‘shelf life.’

When we grind our own grain, we are able to enjoy the nutrients, as created.  Our bodies benefit from all the vitamins that are in the grain. The taste is simply delicious.  We use a variety of organic grains: soft white wheat, hard white, hard red wheat, kamut, spelt,and rice. The choice is yours, but soft wheat is typically for cookies and cakes whereas hard wheat is for breads, things that need to rise.  Play around with the various grains.  It will add variety to your diet and give you vitamins and minerals your body might be deficient in. 

Ok, on to how to make these yummy cinnamon rolls!

Ingredients to make homemade cinnamon rolls

From scratch basic dough recipe (breadbeckers)

1 1/2 cups hot water

1/3 cup expeller pressed canola oil

1/3 cup honey

2 tsp. sea salt

1 organic egg

2 Tbs. lecithin

4-4 1/2 cups freshly milled flour ( I personally use organic hard white)

1 Tbs. yeast

Combine water, oil, honey, salt and egg.  Add lecithin, half of flour and mix. Add yeast and remainder of flour to make a soft dough.  Knead until smooth and elastic.  Let rise until double.  Shape as desired and let rise again until double.  (I like to use a bread machine and I put the setting on dough.. just add the ingredients as above putting all the liquids in first, then the solids.  I put a whole in center of the flour and put the yeast in the whole).










Once dough is ready, find a large flat surface, like your kitchen countertop to work on.  You will knead out the dough into a large rectangle.  Spread the ooey gooey filling mixture on the dough.

Ingredients for ooey gooey filling

Combine 3 cups Sucanat

2-4  drops of Young Living Cinnamon Essential Oil

6 Tbs. melted butter and stir. 

Sucanat is a type of sugar. Sucanat sugar is dried sugar cane juice that is much healthier to use when baking versus white, refined and processed sugar. Sucanat has a smaller proportion of sucrose, fewer calories and is loaded with vitamins and minerals.  It is high in potassium and loaded with Vitamin A. 

Spreading the ooey gooey filling all along the dough. As my family says,”the more the better.”

rolling the dough with the ooey gooey filing

Roll up, pinch the corners at the end, continue to roll up, pinch corners at the end, and do so until you have rolled up the entire dough.  Cut into 1 inch slices and place into a greased pan.  Let rise until double.  Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes, or until done.

cinnamon rolls

Ice with Cream Cheese Icing

Cream Cheese Icing Ingredients
8 oz. cream cheese softened  (my family and I do not do dairy so we use the Tofutti brand cream cheese.. delicious!)

1 tsp. Madagascar vanilla extract

1-2 Tbs. honey

Whip ingredients together until smooth.  Spread over the warm cinnamon rolls.  

Time to eat your homemade cinnamon rolls

homemade cinnamon rolls

May you enjoy these homemade cinnamon rolls as much as my family does!  My kids will get a craving for them and ask me to make them.  They are delicious the day of and even the following day. 










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