Helichrysum, Melrose, Lavender Oil and Rose Ointment used to heal a deep wound

by Carrie Raab on October 24, 2011

Testimony of how Young Living Oils heal a deep wound

Young Living Helichrysum, Melrose, Lavender Oil and Rose Ointment

“On Thursday of last week, I felt the need to cook something that could be frozen in small containers making it easy for me to take out some home cooked food once in a while. Because it was a cloudy and rainy day, homemade chicken vegetable soup seemed just the thing to prepare. As I was cutting and dicing the carrots, I sliced my left thumb, it stung a little and I quickly put it under cold water, which caused intense stinging. Usually a little slice doesn’t sting this much. I grabbed a paper towel (I know, not the best thing to do, but was the closest to me at the time) and wrapped it around my thumb, which was by now really bleeding. I peeked at the thumb, while trying to control the bleeding. I didn’t have just a little slice (cut), I had actually cut a chunk completely out of the flesh.

I turned to my cutting board and sure enough, there in between the knife and the carrot was the “chunk” taken from my thumb, probably about the size of my ring fingernail. No use saving it, couldn’t be sewn back on, so I threw it away and set out to see what I could do to stop the bleeding.

Immediately I reached for my Young Living essential oil called Helichrysum, put some on the wound, and then held the paper towel around it, which became saturated with blood rather quickly. I repeated the process several times during the next half hour. I finally found some thick gauze and triple layered it around my thumb, thinking “What else should I be using to stop the bleeding?” and also “What should be used that will help this to heal and replace the wound with new tissue?” I figured it would take several weeks for it to heal.
As I was searching my drawer of oils that I keep in the kitchen, a memory came to me of something Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils, had told us many years ago. Gary mentioned that one of his horses had been attached by a cougar. The cougar had taken a “chunk” out of the hind quarter of the horse about the size of a volley ball. The wound was bleeding badly enough that Gary thought he would lose the horse. Gary said he grabbed a bottle of the essential oil Helichrysum and poured it into the wound. He also thought, “What else should I use?” and then grabbed the Young Living Melrose Oil and the Young Living Rose Ointment. He said he poured both oils into the gaping wound, generously  and applied the Rose Ointment over the top of the oils, and stuffed the wound with rags. He then taped the injury to keep the oils and ointment in the wounded area. With continued use of these three products, Helichrysum,Melrose Blend, and Rose Ointment, the horse’s wound healed with new tissue completely filling in the hole. Only a small spot on the top of the skin, about the size of a quarter, showed any sign of the injury.  WOW!

After remembering this incident, I thought “If it’s good enough for a horse, its good enough for me”. Along with the oils Gary used on his horse, I also used Lavender. I put the oils and ointment on some gauze, placed this over my thumb, taping it tightly in an effort to stop the bleeding, and then put on a rubber glove. I continued cutting up my vegetables for my homemade chicken vegetable soup. I did this routine of using oils, ointment, and gauze, several times that afternoon and evening. Each time I took off the old to put on the new, it continued bleeding, especially where the deepest part of the injury was located. That night as I was ready to retire, I used two large band aids, one directly over the wound with the oils and ointment, and the second band aid placed tightly over the first to control the bleeding. Amazingly, my thumb was not in much pain! It must have been the oils. Imagine that!  I didn’t use anything besides the oils and ointment.

The next morning one side of the wound still bled a little when I took the band aid off, but it looked much better. I continued changing the band aid, using the same oils and ointment twice a day. When I took the band aid off yesterday, one week from the time I cut my thumb, even I was amazed at the healing process. The hole was filled in with new tissue and only the deepest part was still a little red with a slight tenderness if bumped. I truly figured it would be at least two weeks, if not longer, for this to get better. Today it is almost back to normal.WOW! How blessed we are to be involved with a company that does things for the right reasons and is a product and educational driven company. Thank you Young Living for providing us with these natural, pure, therapeutic -grade essential oils and related products.” Shuana D. Oct. 2011 (permission to share).
Deep wound the morning after
Thumb cut the morning after
Wound one week after essential oils
Thumb cut one week after
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